Enterprise Software

Building enterprise software with blockchain technology has remained an impossibility due to the current limitations of scale, cost and performance. Alphabill's linear scale and token portability opens up a new world of enterprise use cases.

Golden Rules of Enterprise Blockchain 

1. If you need to mention blockchain: you have already failed
2. If you need to change behavior: you have already failed
3. If the blockchain needs to store client data: you have already failed

Unfortunately enterprise blockchain has been hijacked by consulting companies who offer services around architectures on the left below.

This idea, where hospitals, insurance companies or freight forwarders are running consensus nodes and establishing governance committees to share data with their competitors is an unmitigated disaster.  Enterprise buyers can be major beneficiaries of public blockchain networks, but blockchain should be simply the plumbing in an overall software solution that delivers enterprise value.

Enterprises today are not equipped to take custody of tokens or to account for tokens. Nor should they need to. The answer is to build software and stop talking about blockchain - nobody cares about your scalable secure blockchain, they care about what problems you can solve with it.