Digital Assets

Tokenize networks, systems and processes, and guarantee correct execution: from the configuration files in a network router, to the software powering a nuclear reactor.

Digital assets can be tokenized. An example would be a configuration file inside a network router. This is just a digital file today which can be modified without detection by a malicious insider or attacker. A tokenized configuration file means that the file is immutable, its provenance can be verified and any change in that file out of policy can be instantaneously detected and re-mediated. This can be extended all the way to every event inside a log file. 

Note that the vast majority of digital assets do not require proof of uniqueness – for example,  double spending of a configuration file in a router is not generally considered an issue. The uniqueness of the Alphabill platform is that the proofs can be decomposed and developers can choose which proofs they need as part of an application. For digital assets that do not have a tradeable value only proof of integrity, time, provenance and identity may be necessary.