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Off-Chain, Off-Line,  No Limits

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Real-World Use

Tokens minted on-chain are independently verifiable and can be acted upon off-chain, even offline, opening up a new world of use-cases. 

Introducing a New Transaction Unit

Alphabill introduces an alternative to UTXOs and accounts. UTXOs and accounts involve at least two units during every transaction - making the ledger interconnected. Bills on the other hand...

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Perfect Parallelism

Alphabill is perfectly parallelizable, meaning that the blockchain can be decomposed into individual blockchains for assets which can be updated and verified in parallel. All assets are independent and all settlement is local – there is no need for global ordering as there are no interdependencies to track.

Technology    Roadmap

Invented in Estonia. A Global Community.

Real-World Applications

Digital Rights 

Massive scale exchange of digital property rights. 
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Financial Settlement 

 Frictionless, instantaneous direct asset settlement.
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 Verifiable Data

Information supply chains. 

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Massive Scale Exchange of Digital Property Rights

The inventors of the Internet weren't thinking about the exchange of digital property rights. Web3 will include this exchange explicitly in the application layer protocols.

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Permissionless and  Open-Source 

Alphabill is an open-source project created to enable a new generation internet and a new digital economy. Anyone can contribute.


Alphabill’s innovation stems from the work of leading cryptographers and computer scientists. We work closely with community experts to incorporate the best ideas into the platform. Join our Discord and help us make decisions about the future direction of Alphabill.


Access Alphabill’s tools to enable Web3 at scale, tokenize the global economy, build cybersecurity solutions, revolutionize payments infrastructure or increase enterprise adoption of blockchain solutions. 


Solve challenges, grow the community, and be part of Alphabill's journey. Share your skills and experience with us to apply for a role in the Alphabill community.
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