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The Alphabill core team consists of cryptographers, computer scientists and software developers.

Our early community includes people from across the world who are passionate about technology.

Core Technical Contributors

Buldas 1

Ahto Buldas

Ahto is a professor and chair of Information Security at Tallinn University of Technology. He received his PhD in 1999 in exact sciences and is a world expert in hash function cryptography. He was awarded the Arnold Humal Prize by the Estonian Mathematical Society in 1995.
Mike 1

Mike Gault

Mike received his PhD on the numerical analysis of advanced semiconductor devices from the University of Wales. He was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship at the Tokyo Institute of Technology where he researched quantum computational devices.
Saarepera 1

Märt Saarepera

Märt was an early contributor to digital currency design working in Japan from 2001 to 2008. He has over 30 years experience in research in cryptography, formal verification, distributed systems, digital currencies and hardware design.
Dirk 1

Dirk Draheim

Dirk is a full professor of Information Society Technologies and head of the large-scale systems group at Tallinn University of Technology. He is a world expert in distributed system design.
Dominique 1

Dominique Unruh

Dominique is the professor of Information Security at the Institute of Computer Science of the University of Tartu. He is conducting research in the field of quantum security.
Tanel 1

Tanel Tammet

Tanel Tammet is a professor of Applied Artificial Intelligence in the Department of Software Science at the Tallinn University of Technology.
Jamie 1

Jamie Steiner

Jamie has 25 years of experience in finance product development. His previous career was at JPMorgan where he was a lead product architect for the investment bank.
Risto 1

Risto Laanoja

Risto is pursuing his PhD degree at Tallinn University of Technology, working on provable security of linking-based time-stamping and the development of “strong pre-image awareness” and “bounded pre-image awareness” concepts.
Denis 1

Denis Firsov

Denis obtained his PhD degree from Tallinn University of Technology with the thesis entitled “Certified algorithms for context-free languages”. He did postdoctoral research on impredicative type theory with Aaron Stump at the Computational Logic Center of the University of Iowa.
Pavel 1

Pavel Grigorenko

Pavel has almost 20 years of experience in software engineering and academic research. He received his PhD from Tallinn University of Technology. The topic of his research was automatic synthesis of programs based on the implication fragment of intuitionistic logic.
Andres 1

Andres Ojamaa

Andres obtained his PhD from Tallinn University of Technology in computer science. He is a lead researcher in the H2020 project Privacy-Enhancing Cryptography in Distributed Ledgers.
Vladimir 1

Vladimir Rogojin

Vladimir is a PhD and Docent in Computer Science (Bioinformatics) at Åbo Akademi University, with a research focus on scalability and privacy issues. As an experienced research engineer, he has worked as a blockchain dApp developer since 2017.
Truu 1

Ahto Truu

Ahto has almost 30 years of experience in software engineering. He holds a PhD from Tallinn University of Technology where he researched digital signatures based on hash function cryptography.
Ekaterina 1

Ekaterina Zhuchko

Ekaterina has studied finance in Edinburgh before switching to computer science. She completed a joint master's program of the University of Tartu and Tallinn University of Technology specializing in cryptography.
Tonis 1

Tõnis Telga

Tõnis has almost 20 years of experience in software engineering. He holds a master's degree in Computer and Systems Engineering from Tallinn University of Technology.
Marek 1

Marek Sepp

Marek has over 12 years of experience in software and IT infrastructure project and product management across a number of sectors including: banking, insurance, healthcare, military, and cyber defense.
Max 1

Max Carlson

Max brings extensive Silicon Valley leadership and engineering expertise from companies including Samsung, Cloud 9, Nest Labs, and Laszlo Systems. He has spent over 15 years teaching at San Francisco State University and published a book on LZX, the Laszlo programming language.
Tokenize everything


The motivation behind Alphabill comes from our conviction that over the next 10 years the global economy will become increasingly tokenized - certainly every financial asset but also every physical and digital asset. Tokenization means that the properties of assets become immutable and cryptographically verifiable, and a central party is no longer necessary to execute transactions or be an authority on what is true or what is false.  

Everyone talks about scalability in terms of transactions per second but no one talks about scalability of verification. Alphabill is the first composable blockchain such that each token created on-chain is independently verifiable and actionable in the real world.  

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